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My 2010 Movie Awards

So, we have finally closed the book on 2010. Now, as we move into the new year, this is when most people reflect back on the year before. In the movie world, this is also when critics and movie lovers take the time to review the past year. Not to mention, this is awards season. With the Critics’ Choice Awards in just a couple of weeks and the Oscars less than two months ago, suffice to say the red carpet is technically out.

Today, I’ll throw myself into that very ring as we bring you Couch potato Club’s 2010 Movie Awards. Up front, though, I would like to proceed to say, I’ll do this different than those big award shows. For one, you’ll see some of the typical categories, but likewise there will be some off-beat ones. Also, call me crazy, but I believe the biggest consider judging a movie is its entertainment value. Granted all of the other little facets of making a movie help to make a movie better, however I believe entertainment succeeds a movie’s technical prowess in order to define whether it is good or not. So, you won’t be seeing me awarding these “artsy” movies just because of the “cinematic achievement” (whatever the hell that is). Instead, I will be judging soap 2 day on good ole entertainment value (with acting, story, etc. playing factors).

So, without further ado, here are the winners of the first annual Couch potato Club Movie Awards.

Best Film: Creation

For me this came down to Creation and Black Swan. I’ve honestly spent days mulling it over in my head which might be my movie of the year. However, in the end, Creation wins out. Inceptionwas also perfect in a way. With intelligent writing, good acting, fun action, great cinematography and so on and so on, the movie became awesome style with great substance. Nolan proved once again here why he is one of (if not THE) most sought after filmmakers today. A plot genius. After watching this movie, it made me realize what a god-send Nolan is to Showmanship really. Everybody in Showmanship should be taking notes. This is often how a blockbuster movie should be done. Let’s not kid ourselves, blockbuster action movies will continue to be the bread and butter of Showmanship for a time to come. While this is fine, the problem usually lies in that they’re so ” light ” and cliche and just “eh”. They generally just rely on cool action sequences and awesome looking special effects. Not Creation, though. This movie provides all that, but then actually brings substance to it style giving us an engaging and mind-bending/intelligent storyline to go with it. This perfect blend makes Creation my movie of the year.

Best Actor: James Franco : 127 Hours

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you want to test the merit of an actor? Throw him in a movie where he is pretty much the only one ever on-screen and he’s got to carry the entire movie himself. Where the whole weight of the entire movie is located most assuredly on his neck. Will he shine? Will he crumble? This is the test. Others have proven themselves in the same manner (Will Smith, Mary Hanks). And truly I believe this (and the “retard role”) is one of the biggest ways to test an actor and see if he’s one of the greats. So, enter James Franco and 127 Hours. Playing a mountain climber that gets trapped under a boulder and is all alone, Franco is left to carry an entire film on his own. Does he succeed? Really right he does. With flying colors at that. Keeping it interesting, marketing a range of emotions throughout the film and drawing you in all on his own, Franco clearly shows he had the mettle to tackle such a daunting task and come out on top. For that reason, he’s my actor of the year.

Best Actress: Natalie Portman : Black Swan

Natalie’s performance in the Aronofsky psychological thriller is totally brilliant. Her best work to-date in my opinion. Playing a task that will require her to eventually move from sweet little unsuspecting princess girl to girl-gone-wild (in a dark side somewhat way), she hits every beat without missing a step. I believe the biggest factor for a good actor/actress is range. Anybody can shine in a part that was just suitable for them (in line with their natural persona), but range and playing different personas/characters is where an actor/actress can show their true prowess. In Black Swanalone, Natalie Portman has shown, in just the 2 hours, that she’s got more range than most performers around. She demonstrated more range in one performance than most do in their entire career. For such a brilliant performance Natalie Portman gets my political election as actress of the year. I don’t think this is even up for debate.

Best Supporting Actor: Christian Bale : The Martial artist

Here’s another i always feel is just certain and isn’t up for debate. Bale absolutely borrowed the show in every scene he appeared in the Martial artist. The weight loss alone shows Bale’s dedication to his craft. Furthermore, the way he surely could lose himself in that crackhead persona and into the role of Dicky Eklund just further proved what an amazing actor Bale is. To very much show you how brilliant his performance was, the online video of real-life Dicky during the credits showed you just how well Bale nailed that performance. It had to almost resemble looking in a mirror for Dicky.

Best Supporting Actress: Melissa Leo : The Martial artist

Yes, the supporting cast of the Martial artist was just great. They’re the ones that kept this movie afloat. Leo’s turn as the “white trash” overbearing mother was great and was another (along with Bale’s performance) that really helped this movie shine. Without these two, The Martial artist bombs.

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